Platypuses are in danger of extinction in a lost corner of the planet. Quite surely there is no other being on Earth that fights with such determination to survive on this planet. And this has been as such long before man decided to stand up on two legs in some remote African quagmire.  

The platypus is amphibious, with webbed feet and a duck-bill; it is a fast swimmer thanks to its beaver-like tail. Its body is covered in dense brown fur to ensure that it is never cold and it reproduces by laying eggs, just like a bird; however, once it is born it feeds like a mammal on its mother’s milk.  
The versatility of this animal has been an inspiration to us. The platypus is a fine, upright member of the resistance. 
ORNITORRINCO came to existence in Chile in the year 1981, first as a publishing house and later on as an audiovisual producer. This was a time when the censorship of the hardcore regime that imposed difficult times for the world of culture had to be skilfully handled.  
At the time it was the first publisher to release books by many Chilean authors that are currently more than acclaimed, such as Antonio Gil, Diamela Eltit, Marco Antonio de la Parra, Elizabeth Subercaseaux, Ariel Dorfman, Claudio Bertoni, among many others who at the time found very few places where they could actually publish their books. 
ORNITORRINCO arrived in Spain in the year 2006 as an audiovisual producer that wanted to continue resisting, not so much a dictatorship, but a global means in which what was important was being replaced by that which was convenient. 


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