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  • Amman, Jordan.

    The city seems to be made of clay, Buildings hang over terraces permitting each neighbour to look to the front and bottom of themselves. A case of extreme curiosity.

  • Fortress of Brest, Belarus.

    The Monument to The Thirst recalls how a non-professional battalion, poorly armed, rejected and forced to withdraw Hitler´s army, in 1939.

  • Shapiro sisters. Scarborough, Tobago.

    Located on the south bank of the Caribbean, Tobago is inhabited by a prodigious African population that arrived on rafts escaping from slavery in the Americas.

  • Almodóvar trail, Spain

    A high heel shoe in honour of Pedro Almodóvar shines in the middle of this village of Castile. Its inhabitants claim to be his cousins, uncles or nephews, without exception.  

  • Market. Nicosia, Cyprus.

    A wall cuts the city in two forcing each side, Greek and Turk, to profess different language, alphabet, and religion, although, no doubt, they suffer the same desires.



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